Wednesday, September 8 … 26° to 30°C over much of France!

ow about a glass of Rosé with us? This is a Côtes de Duras Secret de Berticot.

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Back to school in 2021!

We hope you had a nice summer…

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NEWS! LSA Innovation Special Report June 2021!

Augmented Reality and QR Code are ranked in the 12 promising product trends by LSA!

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Reims, capital of Champagne but not only!

Honoré de Berticot wines and their Augmented Reality labels are at Leclerc Champfleury.

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RAYON BOISSONS N ° 306 (MAY 2021) & the Augmented reality of the Berticot wines labels

In the last Rayon Boissons from May 2021 (Number 306) find an focus on our digital labels enriched in 3D for Berticot wines !

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Purchase of wines: 8 out of 10 consumers base their choice on the label.

In Le Monde dated 02.05.2021, columnist Ophélie Neiman looks back on her first opus of wine bottle labels published on 06.17.2018.

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The “DEPUIS 1935” range of wines in Rayon Boissons April 2021!

Thanks to the Rayon Boissons teams for this focus on the rejuvenation of Bordeaux bottles taken from No. 305 of April 2021.

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Champagne De Watère TEN 21, an Anniversary cuvée celebrated in Augmented Reality!

Mythological creature, Théodore the griffon revolutionizes Champagne with the TEN21 cuvée in Augmented Reality.

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Tasting Berticot Côtes de Duras Blanc enriched with Augmented Reality

In this end of the week, we invite you to discover a wine from the South West, more precisely in Côtes de Duras.

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Vitisphère edited with La VIGNE talks about Berticot Augmented Reality labels!

Journalists from the wine industry talk about our digital labels accessible in augmented reality.

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