New Marrenon cuvées: fusion of innovative design and AR experience at the 30th Prowein fair.

Published on Mar 14, 2024

Unveiled at the 30th Prowein fair, the Ventoux experience A.O.P. red and rosé cuvées by Marrenon boldly combine innovative design and augmented reality immersion, aiming to charm the new generations and wine enthusiasts internationally with refinement and originality.

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New Marrenon cuvées: fusion of innovative design and AR experience at the 30th Prowein fair.

The Marrenon stand: between tradition and innovation
From March 10 to 12, Marrenon shone through its ability to blend viticultural tradition and technological advancements. This house, nestled between sea and mountains, revealed its deep attachment to its terroir while boldly projecting itself into the future.

Two new cuvées: an invitation to discovery
Ventoux Experience A.O.P. Red and Rosé: Beyond their organoleptic qualities, these cuvées stand out with a bold label design. Featuring a cyclist traversing the Luberon with Mont Ventoux in the background, they symbolize the attachment to the terroir and the celebration of a legendary ascent.

A design thought for the new generation
These two cuvées aim to capture the attention of Gen Z and millennials, as well as international consumers, thanks to an expressive and engaging design. Marrenon aspires to create an emotional connection with these consumers by offering them an enriching experience, far beyond tasting!

An immersion via Augmented Reality
The real tour de force of these cuvées lies in their invitation to a total immersion through augmented reality. By scanning the label via the ARGOplay app, available on iOS and Android, the user is plunged into a unique adventure. Conceived and created by Andy Gendreau, a 3D artist, this AR experience of about 40 seconds allows to virtually live the iconic ascent of Mont Ventoux, proposing an unexplored approach in the wine universe.

Marrenon, forerunner of a new era
With these two new cuvées, Marrenon does not just offer excellent wines; the house reinvents the tasting experience. By integrating augmented reality into its products, Marrenon proves its commitment to innovate and stand out in a traditionally conservative sector. These initiatives send a strong signal to wine lovers, promising them an unprecedented sensory and virtual adventure.