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The Wine and Spirits School of Olivier Thiénot talks about us!

A big thank you to Olivier Thiénot, founder of the School of Wines and Spirits and to Maria Charueva for their interest in our digital project: AR Winelabels, the labels of Wines & Spirits in Augmented Reality.

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Scan d'AR Winelabels de Manon 2019 & Rayon Boissons February 2020
1/3 Review of 10 ideas to save the wine section in large retail.

The observation is without appeal, the consumer is ignoring the lines of the still and effervescent wines of mass distribution. Over the past three years, sales have been in sharp decline, both in volume and in value! With up to -22% sales on the last Autumn Wine Fair versus 2018 for one of the five market leaders (Rayon Boissons N°290 December 2019).

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Franck Thomas visits the AR Winelabels booth at Wineparis 2020.

Franck Thomas, Best Sommelier of Europe, Best Sommelier of France, Best Worker of France and recently promoted to the head of the «Revue du Vin de France Academy» on the stand of ARwinelabels during Wineparis 2020.

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The Winetech & ARWL.CO Com. Press 02_2020


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Wineparis 2020 is next week, from 10 to 12 February at Porte de Versailles!

Come and discover our Augmented Reality labels, your Digital Ambassadors!

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Manon2019 Showroom ARWL.CO 73 rue de Charenton Paris 75012
Manon 2019: the first Côtes-de-provence accessible in augmented reality via Arwinelabels!

Seen in V&S News on 2010-01-31: The Côtes-de-provence Manon 2019 rosé goes digital!

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Discover Barbera, our beautiful cousin from Italian Piedmont!

AR Winelabels are also avatars to illustrate the labels of Wines & Spirits but also the prints, such as catalogues, brochures, product sheets, trade cards…

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WINEPARIS february 10-12, 2020 Hall 4 - Booth A001-55

We will be there and expect to see you from February 10th to 12th 2020 in Paris, at Porte de Versailles at the Village startup Hall 4 Booth A001-55 with the other members from The Wine Tech.

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WINEPARIS february 10-12, 2020 We believe in it, we will be there!

For this second session, WineParis is creating a buzz by merging with Vinexpo to hold a major Wine Fair for Wines & Spirits professionals. The latter have already signed up and the event is booked up!

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Your copywriter used without our permission an original photograph from our website!

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Rayon Boissons N°290 december 2019 - Launch of the range « Depuis 1395 » with connected ARWL’s wine labels.
A twofold first for the cooperative Terre de Vignerons and ARWinelabels!

With the creation of « Since 1935 », a new range whose leitmotiv is to valorize old wine grapes, also called forgotten wine grapes. The new range is based on the 2019 vintage and a variety of 3 still-red-wine cuvées. - 2 cuvées of monovarietal grapes : Petit Verdot & Malbec, - 1 cuvée vinified from 3 Bordeaux grapes: Cabernet Franc, Carménère and Petit Verdot.

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"Boost your sales with Augmented Reality!"

That is what the journalist Rémi Bain-Thouverez has been able to observe! Indeed, any consumer whose Apple or Android smartphone is equipped with a free AR SnapPress® app (available free of charge on either Apple store or Google Play store) can access a trove of digital information by a quick scan!

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