2/3 Suite of 10 ideas to save the wine section in large retail.

Scan of our “Cuvée Maison Pinot 2019” & Beverage department February 2020

Now the bar of the billion liters was lowered with a decrease of -5.3% to 0.979 billion liters as recalled Sylvie Leboulenger in the Off Series drinks of the LSA of March 2020. (Source: Iri, CAM as of 5 January 2020, HM + SM + HDF + Proxi + e-commerce).

Remember that in order to stop the bleeding, the editorial team at Rayon Boissons canvassed a hundred players in the industry, examined the returns and finally selected 10 ideas from four major projects.

From upstream to downstream:

On these 4 projects developed around 10 ideas, Arwinelabels' Augmented Reality wine labels offer a solution with immediate implementation for three of them, including today our response to Idea #2 of the Commercial Offer site, to seduce the millennial generation.

Another idea on which Arwinelabels joins the editors of Rayon Boissons with as illustration our «Cuvée Maison Pinot 2019». With a simple scan of the label, the consumer discovers our 3 friends, Pinot, Chardo and Moscato, 3D avatars that cheerfully animate the labels.

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2020-03-14 10:56:00

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