1/3 Review of 10 ideas to save the wine section in large retail.

Scan d'AR Winelabels de Manon 2019 & Rayon Boissons February 2020

The observation is without appeal, the consumer is ignoring the lines of the still and effervescent wines of mass distribution. Over the past three years, sales have been in sharp decline, both in volume and in value! With up to -22% sales on the last Autumn Wine Fair versus 2018 for one of the five market leaders (Rayon Boissons N°290 December 2019).

In order to stop the hemorrhage, the editorial team at Rayon Boissons canvassed a hundred players in the industry, examined the returns and finally selected 10 ideas from four major projects.

On these 4 projects developed around 10 ideas, Arwinelabels' Augmented Reality wine labels offer a solution with immediate implementation for three of them.

In conclusion, we propose a 4th site that of the Wine Fairs, the Coup de Cœur of Arwinelabels. Discover, react and share without moderation over the coming weeks…

Project of the Distribution
Idea #3: Respond to the Distribution site & develop the phygital in stores.
At Ar-Winelabels and Snappress, we answer «YES, of course, what a good idea!» and we even add that it is already being done!

The phygital, a mixture of physical reality and digital universe, is to be discovered very soon in the Carrefour and colleagues' linears by scanning the 2019 Rosé Manon. A Côtes-de-Provence signed by Ravoire & Fils, with its sticker (1st series of 50,000 copies) informing consumers about the enrichment of the label in digital content.
On the program an invitation to (re)discover Provence, to deepen its knowledge with the oenological sheet on wine, discover, love and share on
Manon's Instagram account… all in French or English according to the language referenced on the device (smartphone or tablet) of the user.

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Kakemono ARWL.CO & Rayon Boissons February 2020

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