Ingredients and nutritive values of wine bottles, spirits, beers, ciders and Nolo.

Published on May 6, 2022

A very sensitive topic raised by the oenologists of France at their 60th annual congress whose theme was "Quand la bouteille vous parle".

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Ingredients & nutritional values but also environmental impact, responsible consumption with data on calories, alcohol content, additives, sugars, sulphites, as much information as any European consumer will have to know at the end of 2023 by taking in hand a bottle of wine, spirits, beer, cider and «Nolo» (no low alcohol).

A problem at heart for 2 LaWineTech start-ups: ARwinelabels and dansmabouteille for whom unity is strength:
the Augmented Reality of wine labels
+ data certified by laboratories
= digital display of consumer information

Thus dansmabouteille offers any player in the Wines & Spirits sector to choose from:
1/ to have the shared products analysed by certified laboratories,
2/ to fill in product information directly for more transparency.

Information relayed by ARwinelabels via Augmented Reality, via:
#ARGOplay app.