Treasury Wine Estate, Australian leader in the wine segment, applauds the Augmented Reality!

Published on Feb 18, 2021

In particular with the range of 19 Crimes varietal wines, enriched in 2020 with 3 new cuvées: Cali Red & Cali Rosé in partnership with Snoop Dogg and Hallowine event cuvée.

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Tresuary Wine Estate 2021 Augmented Reality
Tresuary Wine Estate 2021 Augmented Reality

The Top Management of Treasury Wine Estate is deeply convinced of the power of attraction of Augmented Reality and invests in this new medium for many ranges (Luxury, Mastige - mass prestige - and Commercial) since is considered a strong vector contributing:
- picture
- notoriety
- engagement
- growth
And this for the Americas, Asia and Europe markets… information taken from the last H1-2021 financial report.

Augmented Reality, a phygital communication medium, gives wine bottles the power to speak up, to speak to consumers directly via their smartphone, with storytelling specific to each range, partner, vintage ...

At AR Winelabels our vision is to offer the greatest number of professionals in the French wine industry access to this technology. Let's strengthen your image and your notoriety, create engagement with French and international consumers and generate growth!

Within the Terre de Vignerons group, all the players, cooperators, sales representatives, marketing and management are deeply convinced of this power of seduction with young consumers, the future growth driver for the market where 45-65 year olds dominate the segment.
They entrusted us with the digital enrichment in Augmented Reality of all the Berticot ranges and we thank them.

We are your listening for personalized study:

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