Instagram, influencers and wines

Published on Feb 24, 2021

In the latest issue of La Revue du vin de France N ° 648 (March 2021) written by Jean-Baptiste Thial de Bordenave, Baptiste Charbonnel with Denis Saverot is to discover a 7-page notebook dedicated to Instagram and its influencers for Wines & Spirits!

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ARWL.CO Instagram with Berticot Dalkia_Loves_Wine

Instagram for Berticot Graman and Terre de Vignerons wines was 15 days ago!

Dalkia_Loves_Wine ensured a Live on the labels of Berticot ranges now accessible in Augmented Reality and all enriched with digital content.

Would you like to know more about the Augmented Reality of wine labels?
Find the testimony of Chloé, Marketing Director of Terre de Vignerons & Berticot Graman surrounded by the AR-Winelabels teams on Berticot's Instagram account: @BerticotGraman

Have a good session and to consume and share without moderation, cheers!

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