Vitisphère edited with La VIGNE talks about Berticot Augmented Reality labels!

Published on Mar 10, 2021

Journalists from the wine industry talk about our digital labels accessible in augmented reality.

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Vitisphère website and Terre de Vignerons in Augmented Reality
Vitisphère website and Terre de Vignerons in Augmented Reality

On the front page of Vitisphère, this Monday, March 8, 2021, Laurie Andrès, journalist for Vitisphère is highlighting the wines of the South-West Terre de Vignerons group of winegrowers and in particular the labels of the Berticot ranges, now all accessible in Augmented Reality via the ARGOplay application since February 2021.

Making the excellence of French vitivinicultural knowledge accessible to as many people as possible (young consumers, neophytes, enthusiasts, both local and international), such is AR Winelabels' vision with this phygital medium, mixing real and digital universes.

Within La WineTech, AR Winelabels and all the members hope to be able to present their innovations to you very soon, and why not Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris in June 2021?

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