"Boost your sales with Augmented Reality!"

Andrea’s wine tasting, Giordano’s cellars chief winemaker.

That is what the journalist Rémi Bain-Thouverez has been able to observe! Indeed, any consumer whose Apple or Android smartphone is equipped with a free AR SnapPress® app (available free of charge on either Apple store or Google Play store) can access a trove of digital information by a quick scan!

In the face of the excessive number of products on offer in stores, this new medium which mixes physical and digital universe is bound to become a precious tool for empowering the consumer on his path to purchase, thanks to a direct access to reliable information (no more fake news)! In Rémi Bain-Thouverez’s view, wine bottle labels are particularly suitable for the implementation of Augmented Reality. To quote him, «It is when you are holding a bottle of wine that you want to know what the history of the vineyard is, or if it is a vintage wine. Thanks to AR, all you need to do is scan the bottle label with your smartphone and you’ll have a direct access to all the additional information, without pop-ups or annoying ads. Only useful information.» At AR-Winelabels, a partner of SnapPress since 2018, we are convinced that Augmented Reality is highly beneficial to your clients and prospects, and, whether you are involved in viticulture or wine making, we will put at your disposal our tailored services and communication tools. Thus, each winegrower, château, estate, domaine can rely on a label enriched by ARWinelabels whatever his/its objectives and market share (national or international with the possible use of up to 15 languages). Each produced bottle will be a genuine Digital Ambassador, which will ensure a personalized dialog with consumers all over the world, 24/7. Find Rémi Bain-Thouverez’s whole article on Find Rémi Bain-Thouverez’s whole article on

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