ARwinelabels is pleased to announce its latest partnership with «Dites-Le Avec Du Vin» wines.

Published on Apr 19, 2023

This collaboration brings together the distribution of local and organic wines from Maison Castali with the innovative digital technology of ARwinelabels.

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Wine bottle with message "Say it With Wine" cuvée "I love you"

The «Dites-le Avec Du Vin» collection offers a unique and personalized touch to wine gifting and celebration. With two designs to choose from - classic or playful - consumers can create their own custom message for any occasion. From birthday wishes to romantic gestures, or even gender reveals, there is something for everyone.

ARwinelabels has enriched the « Dites-le avec du vin » experience with its augmented reality technology, which can be accessed through a simple QR (Quick Response) code.
Three original experiences have been created and developed specifically for this collection, making it a one-of-a-kind gift that goes beyond just the wine itself.

Millennials and consumers looking for more meaning and personalization in their wine experience will be particularly drawn to the « Dites-le avec du vin » collection.
The labels feature disruptive designs and messages that are sure to stand out on any wine shelf.

The partnership between ARwinelabels and Maison Castali demonstrates a commitment to innovation and sustainability in the wine industry. Both companies prioritize organic and locally-sourced ingredients, as well as creative and personalized experiences for their customers.

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Wine Bottles with message  « Dites-le Avec Du Vin » from Maison Castali

Wine Bottles with message « Dites-le Avec Du Vin » from Maison Castali